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Photos from Gitarci Pub 


This bar is a place you just have to visit,            great atmosphere with a bartender / owner who just smiles.

Gitarci Pub gets 5.8 out of 6 possible. food is not served here, only good service and something good to drink.

Where can i borrow things

Here we will share, post places and names of those who lend
things Free for tourists in Alanya district.

After a conversation with Oscar Aziz Arslan he could tell  Radio-Alanya they had a wheelchair and a walker on loan for tourists and guaranteed no pressure of buying something  if you borrow equipment from them, howeverthere is a limited loan time up to 14 days.
Some hospitals and pharmacies also lend various equipment, here you may have to expect a small amount in rent / deposit.Feel free to make your recommendation here and justify it either by the contact form or via email:

…. and we are the best radio station and music always, alive 24/7/365 from