Those who are not vaccinated will not be able to enter these places!

Those who are not vaccinated will not be able to enter these places!

The number of people who reject the vaccine, which is seen as a last resort against coronavirus, is too high to be underestimated. In order to break this resistance, various sanctions are on the agenda. It is planned that those who are not vaccinated will not be admitted to stadiums, cinemas, concerts and theaters.

In our country, the vaccination application, which started on January 14, continues rapidly . However, the only point that negatively affected the process was the presence of an anti- vaccine segment.

According to the news of Hürriyet, the pandemic rules to be applied during the summer period are being developed depending on the developments. The mobile vaccine team, which is applied narrowly in some provinces, will be applied more intensively, especially to reach the provinces. Provincial administrations will take the initiative to get the vaccine up. The mobile vaccine study will be carried out together with the provincial directorates of health . Mobile teams will be formed for plateaus, greenhouses and fields.

Vaccine stands can be set up at mosque entrances and large market places. Teams can also be sent to agricultural workers and major road construction sites.

Different mechanisms will be put in place in order to maintain the interest in the vaccination campaign without diminishing . “Positive segregation” will be applied while increasing inspections to comply with the rules with mask and distance. In order to reward the vaccinated, the planning for the vaccinated to go to the matches, the theater, the cinema, and the concert is discussed. It is considered that

In the meetings held, it is evaluated that at least 15 million more people should be vaccinated in the next three months, and if this is achieved, it will be safe to enter the fall. It is stated that the number of daily vaccines should increase to 2 million doses when it is time for the second dose of those who are vaccinated at the beginning of the vaccination campaign, otherwise, there will be a decline in the vaccination rate.

“Normalization misunderstanding of it”
Experts, social that normalization misunderstood, says it should be reminded that continued individual rule “should not be compromised in the mask-range. The lack of psychological as curfews, to be able to stay out at night, you need to detect the irregularity. Rules to be complied with only social life For this reason, it is necessary to carry out good inspections and comply with the rules in order to avoid chronication of the pandemic in the summer months.”

the 18-35 age group, which has the least interest in vaccination, can be included in the system in this way.

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