‘Alanya is full of life again’

Alanya revived when domestic holidaymakers were added to the resident foreigners and tourists from almost all nationalities. Restaurants and beaches are full. Energy is gushing from everywhere. So where to see in Alanya, where to swim, which dishes are famous…

Alanya, which has hosted various civilizations  … According to the findings, the settlement dates back to BC. It dates back to the 2000s. Its last name before it came under Turkish rule is Kalanoros. With the conquest of the Seljuk Emperor Alaaddin Keykubat (1221), it became Alaiye. It gained its current name in 1935 by the order of the Great Leader Atatürk. This important port city has experienced various invasions throughout history. There is an invasion again today. But this time it’s pleasing… Tourist invasion.



Tourism has increased tremendously in the region after the 1980s. In fact, the number of beds with a touristic capacity is approaching 200 thousand. Today, the number of residences owned by foreigners in Alanya has exceeded 30 thousand. The number of foreigners reaches 60 thousand. That’s almost 20 percent of the population. After 1.5 years of being closed to homes due to the pandemic, when the opportunity for a long holiday arose, naturally, there was a great influx to Alanya. The region now has both local and foreign visitors. Hotel occupancy approached 100 percent.



Alanya is like the United Nations these days. It is possible to meet people of all nationalities. Besides domestic tourists, Russians take the first place in numerical majority. Other guests’ countries are as follows: Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Yes, you read it right, Kazakhstan’s rich people both come on vacation and buy housing. Tourism professionals are eagerly waiting for the opening of the Germany and England route. Citizens of Scandinavian countries, who are very fond of the region, are stuck in the corona trouble. For now, only those with residences can come.



Now let’s look for the answer to the question of why to go to Alanya. There is an uninterrupted 15 kilometers to the east of the castle, and the opportunity to reach the sea in beautiful bays to the west. You can swim anywhere you want. You can easily throw yourself into the waters of the Mediterranean by walking or by public transportation. Most places have free showers and toilets. All-inclusive system (discussed) is very common in the region. Double room prices in 5-star facilities are between 1000-1500 TL. In a lower class, the figures are around 700-800 TL. There are also apartments. The daily price of 1+1 apartments around 50 square meters is 500-1500 TL.



Alanya’s nightlife is very famous. Sea activities during the day and nightclubs in the city center and nightclubs in the city center at night are in great demand. Even though the 24.00 hour limitation poses a significant obstacle to tourism professionals, life continues. 



Let’s talk about traditional Anatolian and world cuisine as well as local tastes. Without a doubt, fish is in the first place. Try the coral species with tarator. Arab Mohammed. It is famous for its skewered meatballs and tartar cheese. Here are the names of the restaurants where you can find special dishes such as Gülüklü soup, pond, spiky zucchini and dried eggplant tarator: Lezzetişinas, Esma Abla’s place, Sardunya, Çınal, Çarşı and Aran. Also, there are specialty restaurants famous for their jams and breakfasts. Ginger is one of their pioneers. It has a wealth of cuisine and scenery that will start with breakfast and carry you to the end of the night.



The Taurus Mountains are a natural paradise. With your private vehicle, you will find yourself in a highland environment in an hour or even half an hour. Türbelinas, Pınarbaşı and Türktaş are full of small mountain restaurants and pancakes. Safari tours with jeeps are also exciting. Dim Stream, 5 kilometers east of the center, is another alternative. It is famous for its restaurants and cafes. Besides Damlataş and Dim Caves, the sea caves, which can be easily reached by boats from the pier, are also places to see. All under the castle peninsula: Pirates, Pigeons, Lovers and Phosphorus. Swimming in the Phosphorus Cave, which takes its name from the light that flows through it, is an unforgettable pleasure to be remembered.


Let’s take a short sightseeing tour in history and nature. I think you should start with the castle. You can go out by car, by cable car or on foot. Surrounded by 6.5 kilometers of walls, the place offers you its historical and incredible view. You can take a break at restaurants and cafes. The Octagon Red Tower is located just below the walls. Its name comes from the color of the bricks in its construction. Next to it, there is a 5-door shipyard from the Seljuks. It is a unique structure in which ships were built that brought the Turkish influence to the peak in the Mediterranean during its period. Inside, the wooden model ship made with the technique of that time is impressive. The bronze Hercules (Herakles) statue in Alanya Museum is a masterpiece.


Source: Hürriyet- Arif DİZDAROĞLU


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