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A few words from admin


Hi everybody !
My name is Werner and i am admin for Radio-Alanya.no

If you have a minute I would like to tell you what we do and little about our plans.

Radio-Alanya is a non-profit online radio that was found to promote interest in Alanya and provide a mirror image of daily life in Alanya. The idea is to make a local radio that everyone could enjoy using. Everything from greetings to friends, advertising for events and all types of business, volunteer organizations – it’s free for everyone. We just want to please those who in some way have a connection to the Alanya district in one way or another.
One important thing to mention is: We do not want to be a competitor to all the nice Facebook pages, just a supplement.
We currently have one studio in Mahmutlar and one in Norway. The studio in Norway will be moved to Oba as soon it can be done. (Just now Corona-stuck). We also have a mobile studio that is ready for use and then we can broadcast LIVE from all over Alanya.
So until we can move the studio from Norway to Alanya we will try to have daily programs about what is happening in Alanya and things that interests you. You can call via Messenger or Skype and join the discussion LIVE. We are working to get WhatsApp up and run.
And as Loke will say; “everything is possible on Radio-Alanya.no”.

Of course, we will still play our good music and do smalltalk but remember you can send us your
wishes for your favoritsong.

Do you want to join us – to be a part of the radio – send us a message and we will contact you.
You don’t need any experience as a reporter or writer as long as the desire is there.
If you know a musician you think others should hear more from, send us a message and we will contact them.
We are happy for any feedbacks. Appreciate if you can take some of your time to visit our
website and look at our Facebook – maybe like it too.

Have a nice day and remember to wear mask, use anti-bac and keep distance.

We would love to see you all in Alanya again.

Best regards from Werner and Radio-Alanya.no


…. and we are the best radio station and music always, alive 24/7/365 from Radio-Alanya.no